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Courses Designed for Working People in Mind


The New England Institute of Buddhist Studies’ courses, workshops and seminars meet One-Day-A-Month and have been designed to deepen your understanding and practice of Shin Buddhism and the whole of the Buddhist tradition.


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Calendar of Programs for 2014

(See Registration Form or Online to enroll)

All courses & workshops are in Middletown, Ct


Living outside Connecticut? See our Distance Learning Program


Mindfulness Retreat 

No Pre-requisites - open to beginners -

Registration: Open now until June 3. 

Date: Sunday, June. 8, 2014

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (lunch included)


Buddhism for Beginners - Summer Semester

No Pre-requisites

Registration: Open now until May 26

Course begins on June. 8, 2014

Duration: 7 sessions for 5 months

**Available as a correspondence course outside Ct

"This is not just a course but a transformative experience."


Discovering Shin Buddhism (intro)

No Pre-requisites

Registration: Open Now

Course begins on Oct. 29, 2014

Duration: 3 sessions for 3 months

**Available as a correspondence course outside Ct


Buddhism 201: Spiritual Maturity Course


Pre-requisites: Buddhism 101, Buddhism for Beginners or some knowledge of Shin Buddhism

Registration: Open Now but closes on Oct. 16

Course begins on Nov. 2, 2014

Duration: 7 sessions for 7 months

Make Your Own Altar Workshop
Make Your Own Altar Workshop 2010

Consider what makes NEIBS unique.


The New England Institute of Buddhist Studies offers a caring, non-sectarian and open environment to help flower your inner potential of faith, love and wisdom.


We are dedicated to deepening our students’ engagement with the Buddha’s teachings through a variety of practical courses, workshops and retreats – without interrupting your professional or personal obligations.


New England Institute of Buddhist Studies offers many pathways for lifelong spiritual learning designed for ordinary people whether you are a beginner or advanced, young or old, single or married, student or professional, working or retired, or buddhist or non-buddhist.


All of our programs have the following six characteristics:


Practical – All courses, workshops and retreats focus on sensible and modern teachings, and useful practices that can be easily integrated into daily life.


Lay Oriented – We have a non-technical approach for people with hefty schedules who are engaged with the worldly entanglements of family and work, who are not professional religious scholars, monastics or clergy.


Student Centered – All courses and faculty are dedicated to student needs, spiritual growth and religious understanding.


Supportive – Our faculty and students offer a caring community culture that help guide seekers to realize their inner potential. In addition, NEIBS is part of a greater Buddhist community in Middletown that provides a full array of programs and loving people.


Affordable – We operate on a low budget therefore we subsist on a donation basis in order to share the everyday costs. Since our overhead is reasonable and all instructors are volunteers, we can pass on this affordability to our students.


Convenient – Our location is in Middletown, located in the heart of Connecticut, which is between major interstate highways and is easy to get to from all directions. Moreover, the times and length of our courses are designed to meet the needs of people with busy schedules.


Start exploring the Buddha’s teachings geared to 21st century Americans just like you. Peruse through our current courses and register so that you may begin the journey of self discovery, love, and enlightenment.


Discovering Buddhism class at the Buddha House
Discovering Buddhism class at the Buddha House



NEIBS is the direct educational arm of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship which is a tax-exempt, non-profit membership organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the U.S. Tax Code.

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Courses Designed for Working People in Mind